Her voice from the kitchen window – interviews with people (mainly women, but not exclusively) to inspire and empower

(Image courtesy of Jinga Life – Instagram  – March 24 2017)

I shall be posting a series of articles where I have interviewed people that inspire and empower those around them. People that go about their day to day lives without a spot light shone on them. People who, I believe, are not fully or fairly represented by mainstream media but who make the world a brighter and a better place in which to live.

We live in a world in which we are bombarded by sensationalist headlines and divisive messages. Our senses are attacked with contradictory images of what society represents; highly polished, perfect people with perfect lives versus people who are a so called “drain on resources”. I watch the news sometimes and I feel dismayed, confused and angered. Have we lost all sense of balance in Western society? Have we forgotten who we truly are?

Then, I look around at everyday people I meet on a daily basis and my faith is restored. I am reminded that the majority of people are doing their best and trying their hardest. Without recognition or fame.

I have decided to write about these people. One may call me an idealist, thinking that we are surrounded by good, that I am being naïve. If one calls me an idealist, I say, “Thank you”. Striving for ideals is what has promoted and encouraged change throughout the course of history.

I am greatly impressed by the positivity, creativity, empathy and entrepreneurial spirit of people I meet from all walks of life.

I would like to write about this and celebrate such wonderful diversity.

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