Mama Long’s Unguided Guide to Gardening – Part 2

In February, I gave my step by step guide as to how I threw bulbs and seeds into the ground in my garden in the hope that I shall have a summer garden like my late Nana Halpin’s. Her garden was spectacular, year after year.

nana garden

So, here we are, May 8. In March, I took a pick axe to my front lawn in an attempt to dig a humungous flower bed. I must say, I was quite proud of my efforts. 400l of topsoil later, I was ready to plant a few shrubs and dig trenches to toss some seeds and bulbs into. This is where we are in May.

front garden 1

WHAT THE FISH MAN!!!!!! This is NOT what I envisaged in my mind’s eye! And I am not sure what is a weed and what is a flower!!!!!


I think that’s a weed. But I’ll leave it in, just in case.

Every morning, like a geeky Granny, I peer out the window to check the progress of my bulbs growth.


“How’ye lads? Not sure if ye are flowers or aliens?”

Few rocks in the photo there and some loon’s shadow. Ignore them.

So, at least things are growing. Sporadically, yes. Weeds, in places. I am holding on to the hope that by July there will be colour in my garden. Otherwise, I’ll have to go down to the garden centre and buy a truck load of little pot plants and stick them in the ground!

There is one plant that is growing exceptionally well though 🙂

great growing


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