My name is Irene Halpin Long.

Welcome to “Her voice from the kitchen window”.

In August 2015, I moved back to Ireland after living in the Channel Islands for over thirteen years. When I left Ireland, I was 22 years old. I had one bag, a passport and approximately GBP 350 in cash. Returning to Ireland, I had a South African husband, a five month old daughter, more than one bag, a renewed passport with an older photograph and a plethora of life experiences.

Before I became a mother, I worked in the finance industry for many years. After my daughter was born, I left this life behind and embarked on a completely different adventure.

I started “Her voice from the kitchen window” to provide commentary on my new life.

I was interested in commenting on what I see around me and listening to the voices of those who impact the society in which I live.

I found a love for writing and decided that I would try my best to pursue this, as both a career and personal goal.

I work as a freelance feature writer and I am an aspiring novelist – neither are financially fruitful but both are rewarding from a personal and creative perspective.

Happy reading.

Irene x



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